Ramadan in Sudan

I have made this video for you to give you a quick glimpse about Ramadan in Sudan.

Enjoy watching:

Gabriel Al doassary


Yesterday I received a request for connection from a LinkedIn member. My usual response in such cases is to go and check the applicant’s profile to see who is he and what he/she does and decide accordingly whether to accept or decline the request.

However, the recent request attracted me in another way. The applicant’s name is Gabriel Al dossary. The strange thing is the combination of a western first name (Gabriel) and a deeply Saudi tribal family name (Al dossary). I immediately headed to the profile to find a familiar picture of a Saudi man in the traditional Saudi clothing.

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Plan Your Career, Plan Your Life

Career planning is in fact planning your life and should be a continuous task that you always keep under check. This process shall start as early as you are at school and continues as long as you are still alive and productive.

Failure to plan your career properly can cause serious losses on both your work and personal life levels. For this reason we should help young people to plan their careers, make the right decision and enhance their capabilities in their field of work.

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How to Enhance Your Translation Pool Productivity ?


A translation pool is a group of translators handling the translation tasks in an organization in a systematic and procedural fashion. The translation pool is usually under the control of the Business Support Manager or, in some cases, the Document Control Officer.

The work flow in a translation pool usually comes for the document author or owner to the document control officer who is usually fully aware of the tasks in the pool and their deadlines.

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Come on, these mistakes are silly!


LinkedIn is known as the largest professional website used by both employers, employees and job seekers to meet and serve their mutual interests. As such, any information posted to the site will reflect and convey a certain image to the target audience and generate a certain impact towards a predefined end. Any entry you make in LinkedIn starting from your profile photo to details of education, work experience, posts and comments credits or debits your image in the network. LinkedIn is supposed to be different from other gossip sites where mistakes are easily overlooked by some readers because of the very nature of those sites. Continue reading

Stereotyping: Stop It!


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Stereotyping is judging groups of people based on narrow personal experience. Simply speaking, if you encountered a trouble with someone of a certain nationality or ethnic group, arrived at a conclusion that he is rude and then generalized this conclusion to all individuals of that nationality or group, you are stereotyping. Continue reading

Anne Bronte


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The following poem was written by Ann Bronte. I made an attempt to translate it into Arabic. My translation follows the original poem for you to review and comment:

My soul is awakened, my spirit is soaring
And carried aloft on the wings of the breeze;
For above and around me the wild wind is roaring,
Arousing to rapture the earth and the seas.
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Is There a Final Translation?


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Translation is a creative process that can be carried out perfectly only through the human brain. This means that automated translation cannot replace human effort in this field. The reason behind this lays in an inherent feature in almost all languages which is the presence of synonyms. Such synonyms, in many cases, confuse the translation applications and the machine may opt to pick out the first option available regardless of its suitability to the context, though it will be a correct translation for the word under consideration. Here comes the role of the human brain and creativity. Creativity, in this context, does not mean the creation of new language or words. It rather means the selection of the most impressive words and phrases from among the different options to use as a vehicle to convey the meaning in the most impressive and meaningful fashion. Continue reading